In March, the 41st international famous furniture (Dongguan) exhibition was officially held. The new space packaging of domestic furniture brand MORE TOO is presented, and more than ten new products are presented at the exhibition.    
MORE TOO advocates the minimalist lifestyle of "less is more". The efficiency and richness of less is more can create a beauty of simplification and give people enjoyment of beauty. We are committed to satisfying the modern people's pursuit of a peaceful and livable space by focusing on the functionality of furniture itself and simplicity without any redundant decoration. A very simple home, a bright French window, with a variety of comfortable simple furniture, simple but not monotonous.  
Dongguan Exhibition in March
"Maybe it's the renewal of materials, maybe it's the adjustment of size, or it's the extension of a certain function. This new product will bring more comfort to our life and nourish the wanton and elegant time." Since its amazing appearance in Dongguan Exhibition last year, this time, with a broader thinking, a richer perspective and a more mature idea, visitors can experience the design of MORE TOO products again. It not only respects the original advantages of the product, but also makes the new (heart) meaning overlapping and scattered, enriching the level and expression of beauty.  

According to MORE TOO, what you are pursuing is not so expensive material. What you really want is the best.   
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